Celebration of Happy Beginning

21000+ Peoples have Participated in our Campaign. Thanks for your Support

More than 21000 people joined us in our campaign to save trees and use digitalised wedding cards. We as a team of shubhecha would like to say thank you for their gratitude and their support in this campaign. 

This campaign was started to save many trees and use more digitalised cards. Every year more than 1000 trees are cut to create cards for their wedding invitation. Shubhecha has launched an application where user can create their cards easily within 10 minutes and also save time and money both. Plus instead of telling others why don’t we start a new trend of digital cards. It is in our hands to create and destroy the new trend. 

Already 800 cards have been made through our application. And the response we got from them was amazing. 

And with your love and support maybe this time we can reach up to lakh of people who wants to save trees. Don’t just sit around complaining, Do something to save trees and save the planet. We as a new generation know that mobiles are really handy and the app that can save time and money both is really useful. Download the app now and see for yourself.

If you haven’t participated in this campaign don’t worry, you can participate now and your photo will be posted in another video. To see the instruction for participation see below.

Instructions for participating in this awareness campaign.

  1. Make a banner with words” Save Trees Use Shubhecha”
  2. Click your photo with a banner and make a video while repeating these words.
  3. While uploading the photo use keyword #SaveTreesUseShubhecha

We will upload your photo and video on our official page and provide you a free shoutout.


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