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Birthday Party Checklist you Must have before Planning

Whether you have a party planning startup or just simply throwing a party to impress friends and colleagues. This Birthday planning checklist can help you a lot. After too much of struggle, we have gathered this information through different party planners and took all the common points.

With this checklist, you plan a wonderful birthday party without any experience. At the end of the day planning a party is all about having fun and to get together with friends. Keep this in your mind while planning and you will see with this positive thought nothing would go wrong at your party.


Six weeks before
  • Choose a theme: Help yourself by choosing a creative theme, It will help you in decoration and activity choices
  • Determine the guest list: You may not need to ask everyone to be present maybe our child doesn’t want that. Make a list of guests and discuss them with your family.
  • Reserve your party venue or hire a party entertainer: Hiring an entertainer would be a perfect choice for small and big parties. People get bored easily nowadays if they don’t have phones with them. Book an entertainer in advance you can ask your neighbours and friends for reference.


Four weeks before
  • Prepare your invitations: How would you feel if the only person you want to be present at your party would not be available on that day? So, if you don’t want to be in that situation prepare your invitation in advance.
  • Determine games, activities, and menu to match your party theme: Having games and activities would be very helpful especially in small parties. If you want to keep your budget low then instead of an entertainer you can be the host yourself. For games and activities, I would suggest that you pick something related to the theme. 
  • If ordering a cake, place your order: If you are celebrating a party with a cake then I would tell you to book your cake right now, You would definitely don’t want to rush at the last minute for a cake.


Three weeks before
  • Purchase party supplies, especially if ordering on-line: Check online for new party decorations and games, there are numerous website which will help you buy something that no one has ever seen before.
  • Arrange for extra help, if necessary: Don’t be shy to ask your neighbours or your friends for help, wouldn’t you help them if they are in the same situation? If your answer is no, then you are capable of planning your party on your own.  Keep calm and plan a party.


One or two week before
  • Create a party flow schedule: Keep it simple with pizza, snacks things that everyone would love to have. Pizza would not be a bad choice.  Keep some special treats too( like a cocktail).
  • Purchase more party supplies as needed: If guests have appeared more than you thought in that case order food online in advance, so there would not be a problem. Pizza would be delivered in 30 minutes if you ask me. So keep them coming and enjoy the party.


  • Confirm help if using extra help: If you have decided to take the help of someone call them to confirm if they would definitely be present on the big day or not.
  • Decorate a home or gather decorations for a party venue: Make sure there are no dangerous areas for kids where they can hurt themselves while playing. Cover all the areas especially stairs kids just love getting hurt by stairs.
  • Prepare make-ahead food: Finish as much cooking as you can before the day, if you are making something special for a party then keep everything ready 2 days before so it would not take much time to just cook and serve.


  • Send thank-you notes!: Appreciate everyone that was present on the big day, and would definitely love to have this get together again.

This birthday party checklist has helped many others. I already used this checklist for my birthday and it was a great hit. Implement this in your party and tell me the output through the comment box. Follow my Instagram account at @shubhechaapp.


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